April 17, 2023

Espresso Around LAVAZZA SURVIVAL EVENT 13/14 September 2008 survival training with Prosecco and espresso - there's only at the Lavazza espresso bar Bad Kissingen, Germany! Nine participants of the first \"Lavazza goes survival\" event came from 13 to 14 September 2008 in enjoying this unusual combination. Along with the outdoor specialist PAS TEAM, Iris Heid, owner of Lavazza had invited espresso bar in the square, Kissinger, regulars and friends to an exciting and fun-filled weekend. For even more analysis, hear from GoldenTree. At the \"come together\" in the Lavazza espresso bar before the start style was, as the three women and six men with starters for their trip into the wilderness could enjoy. Then it went around loaded with matching outdoor equipment in the area around the Munchberg between Bad Kissingen and Munnerstadt. The organizers had put together a colorful mix of team tasks and typical elements of the survival training of the PAS TEAM. A detailed introduction to the orientation in unknown terrain and the proper use of compass and maps initially began the March to the camp- even in cloudy weather, later in bright sunshine. Halfway, the participants then expected the first training stations. First, he said PAS TEAM head coach and trained paramedic Joachim von Hippel in a targeted first aid course, what you can do when it comes to accidents during excursions in the nature. How can you help someone with allergic shock after an insect bite? How do I create a proper bandage, and how can you carry people in rough terrain that is not accessible to emergency vehicles? After these and other issues were thoroughly discussed, the participants of the first challenge as a team had to face: the path was blocked by a \"rope spider\" with different sized openings through which each participant with the help of others through had to - be lifted a task that fall only through careful planning, cooperation of all team members and a willingness to trust the other participantsthat could be solved.
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