March 07, 2023

Ethics Question Not only interesting, but, also, in them it leads the clarifications regarding important reflections and decisions for our lives. It has some years that I come working in the education and formation of young adolescents. For my proper surprise and formation, already I came across myself as well as with many cases of people who lack with the truth, in venial or serious way, thus causing upheavals for the agent for other involved ones, or what it is worse, with suspected that in the reality they were innocent. Throughout these years in this work with young, I knew many cases of cleptomanacos and beginning to the career of the crime, that when being discovered and calls to justify the reason to have stolen (or definitive) object definitive (s), invents all a luck of lies to prove that the object in question was not stolen, having been always of its use etc. He is frightful, and, what it is worse, it seems that person is most honest of the world. I also knew cases of people who were damaging day the day pertaining goods to the school. When it was being inquired to see who age the author of these acts of vandalism, appeared ' ' amigos' ' that they covered the culprit so that was not discovered. They lay and they gave false assumptions even though to confuse the investigation. Always story for my pupils as if gave the beginning of the career of the crime of one of the most famous assailants of the State of Rio De Janeiro, until has some years behind, called popularly ' ' Escadinha' '. In one of the last times where it was imprisoned, before dying, a reporter asked to it as if it gave the beginning of its career in the world of the crime, what this answered: ' ' - The beginning of my career in the world of the crime if gave in an occasion of my infancy where I was in a supermarket with my mother. When leaving the supermarket I showed for my mother a package of bullets that it had caught, hidden and obtained to leave without paying for the same; still nor it had notion of what was robbery, therefore, she was much child, but, my mother when seeing that commented: - that boy expertinho. - he smiled and he did not call me the attention. Therefore, today I am aqui.' ' (' ' Escadinha' ' already it had carried through innumerable assaults, robberies, thieveries, murders and died sadly in consequncia of its iniquitous acts) By means of this sad history we can conclude on the importance of that a good education is given, orientation and formation to new. It is an arduous, but very pretty task, not only fitting to the parents, but also to the all the sectors of the society, that the education for a correct citizenship is given to the all, so that thus let us can construct to a society more...


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