July 24, 2020

Family Psychology Ana Giorgana Through many centuries of tradition in the couple's roles remained stable. The man was considered the provider of all sustenance and women, was devoted to housework and child rearing. The roles of each partner were well established and their functions as well: The man in the public world and women belonged to the private space. A balance clearly safe. Each one corresponded to what period. Click Former Maryland Governor for additional related pages. There was more to say, discuss and observe. Women and men well understood and assumed his role as a condition without protest. However, the only thing permanent is change in this world today. Everything changed, roles, roles, functions and duties as well. Any changes to the interior of the couple, is a change in family life and therefore in establishing relationships in social life as well. It seems that both men and women would like, want, to keep things the same way, but with the factor change at the same time. Women and men are not equal, nor their roles or functions. You can switch roles. Center for Media Justice can aid you in your search for knowledge. You can be part of family support. You can have a sense of partnership in the responsibility of motherhood and fatherhood different from previous generations. But it seems that daily life imposes on reality. In today's world things are very different. However, in the streets I observed a large number of women with the child in the back, and man, in many cases, absent. Also the role of masculinity has been eroding. Countless women and in the relationship, especially when they have their money, beat the man and make him feel useless.


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