April 12, 2020

Egyptian Pyramids Joseph Nicephore Niepce in France was the first person who successfully got an image with the sun. (Source: novelist). In 1827 he attempted to submit its report Royal Society in London. But Nicephore Niepce made a small mistake that is repeated many of our inventors, he did not include everything about my sektrety, after it became the Royal Society did not hear his report. K report were included photographs that Joseph carried on the glass and metal. And four years before reports Zahir Fox Talbot was a negative image on paper (the size of one square inch), which was placed in a photographic camera. In the same 1839 Hippolyte Bayar demonstrated in Paris on positive prints, and read John Herschel at the Royal Society (Academy of Sciences in Britain) a report about the invention of the method fix photos with hyposulfite soda, the same hyposulfite, which is now used in every photo lab. Soon, hundreds of photographers began to present their work. Appearing pictures of Egyptian Pyramids, the seven wonders of the world, hundreds of portraits, landscapes, rivers, seas and mountains. Some people were predicting the death of painting, and many artists were left without work and many of them set aside their brushes and took cameras. Bostonets named Whipple connecting the camera to a telescope at Harvard College Observatory to get a clear, detailed picture of the moon. In 1856, the University of London has included the study of photography in its program disciplines. his article. So the world flooded with photography.
Domestic Violence Violence in married life has many faces, from the looks of disapproval to the beatings ... Any violent action is usually preceded by innuendo, anger, jealousy, or disqualification, which may or may not end in physical violence, hitting, slapping , pushing ... The circle of violence in the lives of many couples, it just seems that is not recognized. Women and men who are obliged to act on what they are not actually suffer some form of violence or aggression. That is, when it obliges one to talk differently, dress differently, think differently, do things other than what it is, is a way of violating the couple's relationship as well. Violence has many faces, almost everyone associates it with blows and punches. But there is a form of it which is not recognized as the silence, indifference, refusing to have sex, lies, indifference, neglect. Under most conditions Michael Chabon would agree. The irascible anger against the slightest provocation ... Many women in general, and some men in particular, have, on the day to day in their daily lives ... and just because it weakens his soul manages to give it a name, which translates into violence ... Violence is strict, enforcement, maintaining a provocative or imperative against the other ... .. that our great love .... How I can think of that to which I love so much full of conflicts, disappointments and bruises ... ... Actually the problem is not the bruise, and the split in the physical, but their representation in the emotions, the soul, the wounds are not see, only experienced.


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