April 21, 2020

Domestic Violence Violence in married life has many faces, from the looks of disapproval to the beatings ... Any violent action is usually preceded by innuendo, anger, jealousy, or disqualification, which may or may not end in physical violence, hitting, slapping , pushing ... The circle of violence in the lives of many couples, it just seems that is not recognized. Women and men who are obliged to act on what they are not actually suffer some form of violence or aggression. That is, when it obliges one to talk differently, dress differently, think differently, do things other than what it is, is a way of violating the couple's relationship as well. Violence has many faces, almost everyone associates it with blows and punches. But there is a form of it which is not recognized as the silence, indifference, refusing to have sex, lies, indifference, neglect. Under most conditions Michael Chabon would agree. The irascible anger against the slightest provocation ... Many women in general, and some men in particular, have, on the day to day in their daily lives ... and just because it weakens his soul manages to give it a name, which translates into violence ... Violence is strict, enforcement, maintaining a provocative or imperative against the other ... .. that our great love .... How I can think of that to which I love so much full of conflicts, disappointments and bruises ... ... Actually the problem is not the bruise, and the split in the physical, but their representation in the emotions, the soul, the wounds are not see, only experienced.
Marujita He wanted information to conjure my anxiety, myths I wanted to nurture my dreams while he likened the news, I looked everywhere, I looked the door do Marujita? thou? if she was!, he smiled, he made the sign of victory with his thumb. Click Will Blodgett Fairstead to learn more. He waved his hands, I stirred the mine, come, come called it, why not come? - I was wondering - clothes was changed, it was washed, put gloves and hat, ran hugged me, cried, it is true Marujita! am transplanted!, am transplanted! - told him just with the tube in the mouth - if is true!, it's true! - responded - we embrace, we laugh and we cry, they were 9 the night of Oct. 15, had been in the operating room 12 hours, white lilies were watching the sky, fear slept in the lace of those first hours... How many epics like this, full of Heroes and martyrs, sleep anonymously in the old and dusty Divan of oblivion do not Marujita? if Migue, said while Dios smiled. When on 15 October I opened my eyes, I didn't know if it was night or day, was unaware of where I was, anesthetic amnesia prevented me to remember what had happened, there also struggled to get out of hypnosis and know the reality there also gave the fight. In Dorsal decubitus, it exorcizaba my fears, nurses were circulating around, cleaned dressings, administered drugs, recorded the dripping, controlled vital signs monitors that with their monotonous and metallic rings that post-operative far away music played bells, the doctor of the UVI Dr. Montenegro It reviewed the clinical history, over and over again then approached, greeted me and told me I'll examine, I moved the head, it ausculto my lungs, he took my pulse, it touched my abdomen must take a chest X-ray!, still with the tube, my breathing was superficial, it not well saturated breathe!, breathe! - I said-, I didn't have pain, it was a little chillyI didn't eat but if he was rather thirsty, wanted to ice them they knew, apparently all transplant presented this thirst, this hunger for ice.


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