March 31, 2020

Increased Competition Desired More The policy wishes in the car more competitive insurance lose so much money and must pay directly higher contributions from their new provider. Therefore, many insured before changing the recoil. This would now change the policy and to provide a stronger competition in the health insurance market. Purpose of retirement provisions due to the formation of retirement provisions to prevent growth in contributions in the age. At a young age pay the insured more than they actually take for health services. With increasing age then more services needed, this can be compensated with the retirement provisions. Currently, approximately 180 billion euros are available for around nine million insured persons. In the cut are 20,000 euro per policyholder where the older policyholders amount is higher and young private patients according to low. The interest rate rises the saved amount at EUR 10 billion per annum. Understandably have little interest in the private health insurers that the rules something is changing. Quite different, it looks at the insured, where some disadvantages caused by the current provisions. Changing the insurance is often not who already since before 2009 is private health insurance, can't take his acquired age provisions for changing the insurance. Thus the insured loses tons of money. In addition, that must be paid when the new provider because of there lack retirement provisions from the beginning at a higher premium. Thus, the change is uninteresting and remain insured in their previous provider, even if they are dissatisfied with the services or the service. Consumer advocates complain the current practice already a long time and therefore demands a legal change to achieve more competition on the sick insurance market. Policy wants more competition policy has also recognized that some changes needed with regard to the private health insurance. This includes in particular, the creation of more competition. Currently, there are plans that insured when changing the provider may take a larger part of their retirement provisions. The FDP encourages greater transparency in base rates, as well as new concepts for the development of the contribution in its election manifesto.
System It was nice while I doubt. That serve you experience (is a claim towards my person, since then I try that my sense of hive sigua intact in my business) formerly to horses or mules who hauled goods, had a few rigs to each side of the head that limited them the line of sight, focusing on the frontal view, in our case and apology for the examplethe rigs would be motivation, to focus on our real objective, without distracting us on other issues, at least at the beginning of our economic adventure. Is. And it is advisable to have more than one channel of income, but it must be done gradually and leaving as much as possible on autopilot, before starting another activity. For you sum up what I have been trying that you realize. There is no business or good nor bad, System all depart from the same mold and for the same purpose, all based on having prospects or customers. Multilevel marketing system is basically perfect for generating income from your home. Everything is a matter of having goals and commit themselves, have a sense of the hive. Learn from your mistakes and committed to the maximum. Imagine my city has 35000 inhabitants, do you imagine that all bees were and worked in a same hive? It is impossible, but if you are thinking of starting your own business, be a little bee, and struggle to meet your goal. Commit yourself and trust well dear and patient friend if I've managed to at least get started in the direction of the hive and want to embark on a new stage in your financial life I invite you to be a bee, even metaphorically speaking, you can see all the details become to my hive here greetings and until they see us again Jose M Gorgas entrepreneur online original author and source of the article


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