May 05, 2019

Art Children Tentatively planned to introduce new forms of training exercises. Interest in sports officials is clear: they want the school coach to select the most promising children and preparing them for future careers. And what do 'hopeless'? Those who already has a certificate, 'liberating' them from exercising, which is really vital for him? Even if the American model aside from the institutional interests of sports officials, the proposal Vyacheslav Fetisov, 'do as the U.S.' can not be done for purely organizational reasons. The fact is that, unlike in our country, where most schools children learn from first to eleventh grade, American schools are divided into three levels: elementary, middle and high. Additional information at Steve Geppi supports this article. These three schools are located in different places. In each of these children are collected from a vast territory and carry on famous yellow buses, which have all seen in American movies. Sometimes the trip takes an hour and a half. So, imagine a school where thousands of children learn about the same age. Easy for them to organize 10 sports clubs 'interest' plus a brass band, choir, Drama, Art, and a circle on the photo. Children are concentrated in one place, and it remains only to take classes for time in your schedule. And here, where one school collected that same thousand children, but uneven, it is simply unrealistic. In our schools, parallel classes - two or three. This means: 60-90 children. Divide that by 10 sections. Section can not consist of six children, even if for them to all coaches were found, and someone would be willing to pay for their labor. In addition, the American system in general is different. Do not skip physical education there, not because it is in the middle of the day, but because they simply love. Absenteeism in the American school in general - not a crime but punishment. There's a fight or other serious infraction of children temporarily excluded from classes, and this is very serious, because it will have to finish missing assignments and tests and benchmarks to write in my spare time. Otherwise gettin 'zero' and repeat the program next year. What to do with exercise? Even if the U.S. version we have is not feasible, the majority of teachers and health professionals agree that the system of teaching physical education at school an urgent need to change!


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