April 29, 2019

Birgit Balster Reduce risk, tender accelerate the close interaction of professional development by Neumann & Neumann, and not only the risk of a time-consuming review process lowers legal accompaniment for the contracting authority. It also ensures a fast, economically sound and contractually viable outcome of the tender. In terms of building cleaning tender after VOL/A Neumann & Neumann serves among other things for several Bavarian ministries, of the European Patent Office, the German trademark and Patent Office or about the Aschaffenburg as a consultant. Together with lawyer Dr. Renner of Heuking Kuhn Luer, Wojtek, for example, the Helmholtz was advice centre for infection research in Braunschweig at the tender and the creation of a legally-compliant services contract for the successful bidder and supervised. Birgit Balster, purchasing Director of the Helmholtz Centre, showed during the verification procedure before the procurement review Chamber very satisfied by the competent support of Neumann & Neumann, and legal advice by Dr. Renner. An cleaning company offering with had made a review petition challenging the contract award decision, because in their opinion the successful competitors had estimated too low the hourly billing rate. The procurement review Chamber but rejected the request for review. It full and correct prices had been applied, corresponding to the specifications for the quotation of the HZI, it was said in the explanatory statement. The price was calculated in accordance with the audit of the procurement review Chamber so working and justified. The HZI, which attaches great importance to fairness, transparency and traceability of its procurement decisions, felt confirmed in his choice of bidder base of properly advance established evaluation criteria TBM the result, as Birgit Balster. Confirmed it sees itself also in his effort to careful and correct invitations to tender, for which it asks also expert advice in complex situations. Heuking Kuhn of Lahti Wojtek Heuking Kuhn Luer Wojtek is a partnership of 220 lawyers, accountants and Attorney-at-law with seven locations in Germany and offices in Brussels and Zurich.


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