April 04, 2019

Royal Palace The current calendar "Himalaya 2012" motto is a journey to Mustang". The financing of the projects of the Himalayas Help Freiburg e.V. Michael Chabon pursues this goal as well. is carried out primarily through the sales of an annual calendar, which brings closer to the lives of people in the Himalayan regions, or the beauty of the highest mountains of the Earth with different themes. The current calendar "Himalaya 2012" motto is a journey to Mustang". Mustang, or briefly on Nepali Lo, lies at an altitude of more than 2,500 m and extends over an area of 2,563 square kilometres - and is thereby roughly as big as the Saarland. The capital Lo Manthang with the medieval Royal Palace and important Buddhist monasteries from the 15th century is only a day's ride away from the Tibetan border at 3.790 m. Mustang was an independent Kingdom until 2008. Only with the proclamation of the Republic Nepal the monarchy was abolished, but only on paper. Jigme Palbar BISTA, the 25th representative of Lo dynasty, is considered still the king", with all the rights and powers. In the 70 years that opened just a few tourists Kingdom of foreign Besuchern-still have a good opportunity to meet the King himself at an audience. About 6,000 people live in Mustang, operate cattle breeding, agriculture, KleinhandeI and live for generations with their environment, as well as traditionally the customs of their ancestors. Their country is characterized by the Kali Gendaki. He is one of four major rivers in Nepal, is the deepest Canyon in the world between the mountain ranges of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna and was once one of the most important routes for the salt trade between Tibet and India. Many castles and fortresses along the caravan route today recall this time. More information about projects and about the work of the Himalayas help Freiburg e.V. can be found under. Here, the catalogue can be ordered. Description Himalayan help Freiburg e.V. The Himalayan help Freiburg e.V. in Freiburg was founded in 2006. The purpose of the Association is the tangible and intangible support of needy people in the Himalayan regions of Nepal. To do this, promotes the Himalayan help Freiburg e.V. in particular projects in the context of education. The Club uses to carry out its projects nationally recognized in Nepal, an NGO (non-governmental organization, i.e., a non-governmental organization that is geared not-for profit, by the authorities is neither organized nor dependent) or other bodies, which has a similar task of public interest in the implementation of the measures as aid person.
Sledge For Children & Adults The right carriage for the largest tobogganing in the winter is coming and thus also the Rodelsaison. If there is enough Snow Sledding is one of the most popular pastimes and fun especially the children. But what sledge or what Bob is right for sledding? In the trade, there is a confusing plethora of vendors and models. The differences begin with the material and ranging to the equipment design. Choose a sled made of wood, plastic or aluminum? You should access to the classic model of the sled or to the tapered Bob? It must be a sled with steering and brake or is it without? To these questions, two more points are added in their purchasing decisions: which carrier is the safest, and what model features the best toboggan on the slopes? There are many criteria to keep in mind when buying a carriage so. The website sled-Test.de (sled-test.de) provides answers to all these questions. Especially these advantages and disadvantages of various Sledge models are taken under the microscope. The right carriage for little snow in our latitudes not regularly snow falls in winter. Therefore, sled models can be beneficial, can be used also on a thin blanket of snow. For example, Schlittenbobs, slip plates and various inflatable sled need little snow. They have a relatively low weight, a huge contact area to the snow and come quickly in the slides. Aluschlitten are, however, less suitable for a thin blanket of snow due to its thin blades. One asks about durability durability and stability and the models made of metal or wood cut off the best stability. They are usually very solidly built and survive even collisions. Bobs and plastic sled, inflatable sled, however, less long withstand the strain. The abrasion is faster on plastic noticeable as on wood or metal and it proves even when collisions not as stable.


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