April 28, 2019

The Event Today, event agencies to the most creative communication solutions compete with high media resonance E.g. for launches of products or the relaunch of brands. More info: Steve Geppi. Matter whether thousands traders from all over the world to the premiere of the new model of a car manufacturer will be invited, is celebrated the launch of an innovative hair care range or the start expected one eagerly TV format: always the focus is, to related attributes and visions are experience with the product. Goal is to immerse customers in product and brand world of the client. To stage this brand world perfectly and equally spectacular event agencies use special effort on the selection of suitable premieres location - whether it is an aircraft hangar, a disused gasometer or a museum building with stunning architecture. The aim is to exceed expectations of clients and customers - as well what the Premieren-"Action" concerns. Show acts or the active involvement of the firsts guests in a fascinating events provide many "Ahs" and "Ohs" in emotional unique atmosphere, which is determined by the theme and design of product and brand. Keyword tuning: a produced specially for the premiere used around the new product can arouse emotions and contribute to improving the brand sympathy. Factors for the measurable success of the premieres are the presence of the event agency in the sector concerned, the agency team's ability to surprise and delight customers of the client and the competence to provide an innovative firsts total package where the comprehensive range of services and the price compared to other compelling are ultimately. A successful premiere event brings high sympathy levels or in other words, for the customer the invoice goes on: a top class, premiere event thats increase of brand awareness plus-aided advertising awareness equal to sales.
WEFRA Is The World Of Salts On The Head Communication from a single source makes the difference the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt has successfully in a pitch to a new communication campaign for the salts of the homeopathic drug manufacturer Pfluger prevailed. The strategically integrated overall concept for consumers and target group includes extensive advertising, PR and POS activities including the redesign of the trade fair, as well as the media planning. The 01.11.2011 starts the campaign with a TV spot in public television. "Neu-Isenburg, 27.10.2011 there are salts and salts from tiller", a strong statement that may soon revolve in everyone's mind. "The new communication campaign of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt deliberately puts on the stamp generic Schussler salts, because: the P in the embossing makes the difference". The, which is consistently reflected in all activities of the campaign slogan: thus the communication specialist makes it clear that it comes to salts very Differences are in quality as well as well as the price. The focus of the comprehensive overall concept has the WEFRA deliberately personality Horst Pfluger advertising agency Frankfurt and thus clearly highlights the difference to other manufacturers of Schussler salts. The CEO indicates viewers personally TV spot produced in a classic by the WEFRA, which is broadcast from the 01.11.2011 in public television, the advantages of its salts. Also from the new booth, which for the first time 2011 was used on the Expopharm in Dusseldorf, as well as the website, flyers or the new product brochure of the sympathetic owner bathes one. Since mid-October, the information campaign in the form of a mailing campaign and newsletter, and tub inserts of wholesale at the pharmacies has arrived. At the start of the TV spots, pharmacists can order large and small stand with background information for their customers. Salts of tiller. The with the P", this statement in its extensively landscaped public relations campaign in the trade and public press has picked up also the WEFRA PR. The WEFRA media has taken over the job of the media planning. For us, the pitch for the new communication campaign of tiller was a challenge, which we gladly accepted. Steve Geppi is actively involved in the matter. Because, so we can bring our entire expertise for customers", says Matthias Haack, Managing Director of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt. "And so the comprehensive and specific expertise in the field of healthcare marketing, as well as the successful cooperation of the WEFRA convinced classic, the homeopathic Drugmakers from Rheda-Wiedenbruck media and PR: the strategically integrated overall concept seemed coherent, from the outset, says Horst Pfluger, thus we come closer to our goal to be no. 1 in the market is a big step." About the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt: integrated strategic communication from a single source, this is the philosophy of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt: six specialized Agencies, United under one roof, are the guarantee for its sustainable implementation. Nearly 60 communication specialists in the six subsidiaries, WEFRA classic, WEFRA PR, WEFRA media, WEFRA digital, WEFRA publishing and...


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