March 03, 2019

Autohaus Schinner The Re-opening Of The New Citroen Autohaus Since November, we have extended our brand range of up-to-date Opel, Subaru and Chevrolet a more car brand Citroen. Weimar, 14.11.2011 - three days the car dealership Schinner celebrated the Grand opening of the new Citroen dealership. Since November, we have extended our brand range of up-to-date Opel, Subaru and Chevrolet a more car brand Citroen. In record time, Vulko in the Erfurter Strasse 55 for almost 400,000 euros was rebuilt. Of the planning application until the completion two weeks ago only five months went by. We have worked exclusively with contractors from the region of Weimar and surroundings. The well-known Vulko services that our customers have experienced over the last eight years, since its acquisition by the company of salami, remain of course in full, adding trade with new and used cars of the Citroen brand. Six new jobs were created, already present team the challenges to help that on the 11th November 2011, the handing over of the first Citroen found in our new dealership instead. Mrs Hollnack was pleased to be able to take their new Citroen Berlingo in reception. We welcomed approximately 80 invited guests in the evening for our opening ceremony. Mr Henning Papke, distribution network developer by Citroen and the construction companies involved were invited to celebrate the opening of the new native. Entertainers & solo artist Macdonald provided the musical background"from Erfurt and Mr. Dollner, Glaser master from Weimar entertained the people with a humorous presentation. On November 12th and 13th, numerous interested parties, came alone to look at the new car dealership and the new models with coffee and cake itself. The DS3, C3 and C4 models became the favorite. Our team was allowed to receive much positive feedback and congratulations. When the Fielmann see mobile, our guests were able to make a free eye check. The optician tested short - and long-sightedness, did small repairs on brought glasses and cleaned the Visual AIDS. This service found large crowds at the visitors. Total were almost 100 glasses cleaned, 69 vision tests and going to the eye doctor was recommended eight guests.


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